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General Server Properties

General Tab

This tab controls the basic features of the Virtual Server you have selected. The following options are available on this tab.

Virtual Server Name:

The display name of the Virtual Server. This name will be listed in the Virtual Server list.

Server Mode

Allows for server based options when the Enabled checkbox is selected.


Clicking the Advanced button will open the Server Mode pop-up containing three options.

Incoming Connections (Listener)

This field can be set to Enabled, Disabled, or Force TLS. The Force TLS option will always cause TLS to be used on every incoming connection.

Outgoing Connections (Sender)

This field can be set to Enabled, Disabled, or Force TLS. The Force TLS option will always cause TLS to be used on every outgoing connection.

Notification Server

The drop-down for this field will contain all of the Virtual Servers that you have on the Gateway. Only one option can be selected as the Notification Server for any particular Virtual Server on your system.

Cluster ID:

These Cluster IDs are used when you have a multiple installations of the Gateway sharing the same database for policies and rules. The Cluster IDs must be unique for Virtual Servers on a single installation.

IP address:

The SMTP listener thread will listen to incoming SMTP connections on the selected IP address.

TCP Port

Select the port that the SMTP Listener will monitor. The default port for SMTP services is 25. To prevent conflicts, the combination of IP address and port must not be used by any other process in the system.

Limit number of connections to:

The SMTP listener can handle many simultaneous SMTP connections. Depending on the capabilities of your hardware and network, adjusting the number of connection threads may be desired. For most network and hardware configurations, however, the default setting of 50 simultaneous connections is usually effective.

Connection time-out (seconds):

Select the amount of seconds that should pass before an idle SMTP connection is closed. The default value is 60 seconds.

Enable Logging

Selecting this checkbox will enable the logging features of the Gateway for the Virtual Server. If you select the Logging Properties button, another window will appear containing additional options. For information regarding these additional options see the SMTP Logging Properties page.

Base Directory

This will be where the Server stores its log files, bad mail, and messages to be processed and sent. Depending on your email traffic, this directory could become very large at a rapid pace. The storage drive where this directory is located should be of sufficient size before you begin using the directory.

Expect PROXY Protocol from these IPs:

Selecting this checkbox will allow you to set one or multiple IP Addresses for Virtual Servers using a proxy, and expected to be using Proxy Protocol. This setting is required if you need to set IP whitelisting and blacklisting.

Updated on February 19, 2018

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