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What are the supported versions of Microsoft Outlook?

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The DataMotion Outlook Button is an Outlook plugin that enabled you to send and receive encrypted emails straight from your Outlook client.

is only available for recent versions of the Microsoft Outlook product and has absolutely no compatibility with the Macintosh versions of Outlook in any capacity. Any Windows operating system from Windows Vista and prior are no longer supported by Microsoft. Any installation of Microsoft Outlook from Outlook 2007 and prior are also no longer supported by Microsoft. As a result of this the Plugin is not being supported on those platforms by DataMotion any longer. An updated chart of supported platforms and which buttons can be installed on them is listed below.

Plugin Version (Personal Button Only) Client Side
Client Side
Server Side
Windows 7 2010 v.4.4
Windows 7 2013 v.4.4
Windows 7 2016 v.5.0
Windows 8 2010 v.4.4
Windows 8 2013 v.4.4
Windows 8 2016 v.5.0
Windows 10 2010 v.4.4
Windows 10 2013 v.4.4
Windows 10 2016 v.5.0
Updated on November 17, 2020

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