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How do I use the Outlook Button?

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Once you have successfully installed the Outlook Button, you can start using it immediately. This article is a quick, how-to guide for using the Outlook Button. For more in-depth, comprehensive information, download our DataMotion SecureMail Plugin for Microsoft Outlook Guide

  1. Start by opening a New E-mail window. You will notice that there is now a second button in the top left hand corner above Send that says “Send Secure DataMotion”.
  2. Compose an e-mail message as your normally would, filling in the recipient, subject, body, and any necessary attachments.
  3. When you are ready to send your message, simply click the button that says “Send Secure”.

The email that you just sent will now be encrypted and sent securely to the recipient. You will receive a notification email from the system once your message has been opened by the recipient. You will also receive an email notification when attached items are opened.

Updated on April 4, 2019

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