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How do I participate in the DataMotion Healthcare Provider Directory (HPD)?

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The DataMotion Healthcare Provider Directory (HPD) is a constantly growing directory of providers and their Direct Secure Messaging addresses. The HPD is accessible to all DataMotion Direct customers via the Address Book in the Community Web Portal (CWP) or via the DataMotion Direct Web Services API.

DataMotion also has HPD sharing agreements with many other Health Information Service Providers (HISPs) of Direct as well as the DirectTrust organization, in order to continuously grow the HPD and connect healthcare organizations and professionals across the country. If you have any questions about how your HPD information is being shared, please see the DataMotion HISP Terms of Service and the DataMotion Business Associate Agreement.

Update Frequency

The DataMotion HPD is updated weekly to ensure that the DataMotion HPD contains the most accurate information. These updates reflect any changes made by DataMotion Direct customers, including new entries and modifications; these updates also include any updates made by DataMotion’s HISP sharing partners.

Getting HPD Data In

All DataMotion Direct customers have the option to participate in the DataMotion HPD by submitting provider information via spreadsheet during the onboarding process. Any subsequent HPD modifications (additions, updates, deletions) are handled by submitting a request into DataMotion’s Customer Support Portal. For more information on using the DataMotion Customer Support Portal, please see the KB article: Using the DataMotion Customer Support Portal.

Getting HPD Data Out

Currently, there are multiple ways of viewing and extracting the DataMotion HPD data:

  • For EHR vendors, HPD data is accessed with the DataMotion Direct Web Services API. For more information on how to use the DataMotion Direct Web Services API, check out the Developer Documentation
  • For DataMotion Direct customers that would like to receive an export of the DataMotion HPD (in CSV format) please send a Direct message to hpd-share@direct.datamotion.com from your DataMotion Direct address (not from a standard email address).
Updated on March 20, 2017

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