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Ensure DataMotion Messages are Sent by Adding an SPF Record


Email spoofing and spam are an ongoing problem when it comes to safe guarding email security across the industry. Spam is commonly referred to as Junk email but can contain a variety of malicious content. In this case, the concept of email spoofing comes into play, where clear malicious intent is present. In this scenario the attackers are attempting to send unauthorized emails using domains that do not belong to them in the attempt to get users to unknowingly click on content in those spoofed messages under the false guise of legitimacy. In order to avoid this, it is paramount that emails are authenticated when they are sent.

To ensure the authenticity of the sending server, one of the primary mechanisms employed today is for an organization to validate that the sending mail server is  authorized to send email for the sender’s domain through a protocol called Sender  Policy Framework, or SPF.

By default DataMotion is not an SPF authorized sender of email for any domain other than our own, but since outgoing secure messages will be sent on your behalf, we are sending messages from a server that is not under your direct control. In order to correct this simply add the DataMotion SaaS servers as an authorized sender.


You will need to have access to your external DNS server records to do this. If you do not manage your DNS directly, please provide this information to your DNS administrator.

SPF Record

Enter the following SPF record in your organization’s external DNS records to authorize the DataMotion mail servers to send on your behalf.

IN TXT:   v=spf1   a    ip4:   –all

Updated on December 30, 2020

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