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DataMotion URL Endpoints

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To connect to the DataMotion APIs, use the following base URLs in your requests:


For technical information regarding the API methods and their expected request formats see the DataMotion Developer Center website.


To access the Messaging API over SOAP, use:

  • Production: https://ssl.datamotion.com/cmv4/cmv4.asmx
  • Testing: https://sandbox.datamotion.com/cmv4/cmv4.asmx

To access the Messaging API over REST, use:

  • Production: https://ssl.datamotion.com/SecureMessagingApi
  • Testing: https://sandbox.datamotion.com/SecureMessagingApi


To access the Admin API (REST) use:

  • Production: https://ssl.datamotion.com/Remote
  • Testing: https://sandbox.datamotion.com/Remote


To access the Provisioning API (REST) use:

  • Production: https://provisioning.datamotion.com:8888/

In order to use the DataMotion APIs, you must have an active account on our system. If you do not have an account and would like to integrate into your workflows, please contact DataMotion.

Updated on May 12, 2021

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