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What are the different types of Direct addresses that DataMotion offers?

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DataMotion offers the following categories of Direct addresses:

  1. Individual Direct Address: Assigned to a specific Direct user who is in full control of the account and does not share access to it with anyone.
  2. Group Direct Address: Direct Messaging address available to the individually assigned delegates who can access the Group Address inbox and reply to messages from their own respective Individual Direct Addresses. Each delegate must have a valid Individual Direct Address on the DataMotion HISP. The Group Address provides full visibility and reporting on the Group Address inbox access by each of the individual delegates. A Group Direct Address must be registered under an organizational digital certificate. The Group Address and its assigned Individual Addresses must have one and the same Direct domain.
  3. Workflow Direct Address: Can be accessed by multiple individuals or systems in the environments where access to Workflow address by each individual is not controlled and/or tracked by DataMotion HISP. The owner of a Workflow Address takes full responsibility for controlling and keeping track of each individual’s access to the Workflow Address to ensure compliance with HIPAA and other security regulations. Workflow Addresses must be covered by organizational certificates. Each Workflow Address is limited for use by individual(s) at a single facility with its own street address.

The table below provides a comparison between these categories of Direct addresses offered by DataMotion:

  Individual addresses Group addresses Workflow addresses
Assigned to Single user Multiple users Multiple users
Delegate access defined & controlled on HISP N/A Yes No
Each delegate must have valid address on HISP N/A Yes No
Access by delegates can be monitored and reported N/A Yes By customer’s own means
Type of certificate required Either Organizational Organizational
Updated on December 15, 2020

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